Family Matters

Season 2 Episode 21

Taking Credit

Aired Unknown Mar 15, 1991 on ABC



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    • Lt. Murtaugh: You know what you need?
      Carl: A career change?
      Lt. Murtaugh: No! Some Italian food. There's a place down the street. Great eggplant parmesan.
      Carl: Sir, eggplant is great, but um, according to regulations, a steakout team should never separate.
      Lt. Murtaugh: Don't quote regulations to me. I helped write the damn regulations.
      Carl: Yes, sir.
      Lt. Murtaugh: It's up to me if I want to violate myself. (walks out of the room where the steakout is taking place)
      Carl: No wonder the criminals are always winning.

    • Richie: (trying some of his horseradish cake) Yuck, nobody should take credit for this; that cake could kill you.

    • Steve: (to Eddie) Either you take me camping, or you can tell everyone who really won the short story contest.

    • Lt. Murtagh: I met your wife, Henna.
      Carl: Harriette, sir.
      Lt. Murtagh: Your son, Edwin.
      Carl: Edward, sir.
      Lt. Murtagh: Your daughter, Leslie.
      Carl: Laura, sir.
      Lt. Murtagh: And your sister-in-law, Rachel.
      Carl: Rachel, sir.
      Lt. Murtagh: I said "Rachel!"

    • Eddie: I'm sorry, Steve. We'll go camping together some other time. Just you and me. I promise, okay? Steve: Okay. Eddie: Alright! (goes to leave) Steve: … No, it's not okay! Eddie Winslow, front and center! Newsflash, Eddie! I have feelings! Inside this scrawny chest, there beats a heart. A heart that hurts. And the reason it hurts is because I've tried very hard to be your friend, and all you've done is take advantage of me. Well, that's gonna stop right now! I'm not your personal doorman. (pointing to Laura) I'm her doorman!

    • Steve: Oh, Laura, my love. The wind has chapped my lips. Would you care to heal them with a kiss?

    • Laura: You think we lost him?
      Eddie: Yep. With all the twist and turns we took, there is no way Steve could have followed us home.
      Steve: (popping up) Hi, guys!
      Laura: Steve, how did you beat us?
      Steve: I just came straight here. For some unknown reason, you guys were running all over town.

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