Family Matters

Season 1 Episode 17

The Big Fix

Aired Unknown Feb 09, 1990 on ABC

Episode Recap

Carl works with Eddie to try to help him with his math, but Eddie still doesn't get it. Eddie panics because he is going to flunk Algebra. Laura reminds him that there's only one person who could help Eddie with his math troubles: Steve Urkel. He realizes that Laura is right and he asks Urkel to tutor him. Urkel gives him a test to see how to be able to help him. Out of three questions, Eddie misses all three. Urkel says it will be a lot of work.
Carl tries to fix a chair which keeps falling apart, but keeps messing up. Harriette keeps telling him that he can't fix things.
Meanwhile, Eddie gets a B in his Algebra test, thanks to Urkel. He tells Urkel that he would repay him in any way. Urkel uses this advantage to be rewarded by going out on a date with Laura. Eddie tells a quite reluctant Laura, but she eventually accepts Urkel's invitation.
Dinner is chaotic when Urkel breaks everything, orders frog legs, and is annoying. She leaves after a horrible night, but her family tells her that she will look back later and think that was a funny moment. Urkel calls again and the Winslows pretend not to be home.