Family Matters

Season 1 Episode 17

The Big Fix

Aired Unknown Feb 09, 1990 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • In conflict to the restaurant trivia piece. Two of those instances Steve (and Stefan) were involved, being that Steve took Laura there it was very likely he'd take people there in the future. And Laura was referring to their peers due to how expensive and formal the restaurant was, kids under high school age probably wouldn't go there. Carl and Harriet probably went there, or were recommended to the restaurant by Steve in the future.

    • Laura takes comfort that nobody she knows ever comes to the restaurant Steve picked out. However, in the episode "To Be or Not to Be," Steve and Myra, Carl and Harriette, and Laura and Stefan each appear in the restaurant.

    • When Carl is giving his toast in the kitchen, the shadow of a crew member passing off the set can be seen behind Judy's chair.

  • Quotes

    • Estelle: Judy's teacher said she made the best covered wagon in the whole class!
      Rachel: Really? What did she think of my log cabin?
      Judy: She loved it! I set it on fire and called it an Indian attack.

    • Steve: You won't be sorry, Laura. I've got a spectacular evening planned!
      Laura: We're not going anywhere until we go over the ground rules. Number one, this is not a real date. It's a non-date. Number two, no one can ever know about this non-date. Number three, if you touch me at any time, the non-date is over.
      Steve: Well, what if you trip, or something.
      Laura: Just let me fall.

    • Maitre d': Nerd alert. Table 12.

    • Steve: Ready, my sweet? Our limo awaits.
      Harriette: You rented a limo?
      Steve: No, well, actually it's my Uncle Ernie's hearse. He's gonna drive us tonight. We only have to make one quick delivery.

    • Eddie: You've gotta help me.
      Steve: Well, this is sorta my busy season. I'm trying to teach the football team fractions.

    • Steve: (entering) Hi, everybody!
      Estelle: Hi, honey.
      Rachel: Steve, did it ever occur to you that when the door is closed we're trying to keep unwanted people out?
      Steve: Oh, I'd better lock it, then.

    • Laura: There's only one person who can help you now: Steve Urkel.
      Eddie: Urkel? I'd rather eat worms.
      Laura: He can teach ya that, too.

    • Eddie: If I don't get at least a C on my midterm exam, I'm gonna flunk Algebra.
      Laura: I thought Dad was a math wiz.
      Eddie: He is.
      Laura: Then, what's the problem?
      Eddie: I'm the one who's takin' the test.

    • Steve: Mmm, steak! You ever been down to the slaughterhouse? It's fascinating! One minute, "Moooo!" The next minute... rump roast!

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