Family Matters

Season 2 Episode 5

The Crash Course

Aired Unknown Oct 12, 1990 on ABC

Episode Recap

Eddie is hoping to start his driver's exam and finally leave the house ready to drive. He thinks it will be easy, but Carl insists on giving him one last-minute test right before the exam. This time, he will be acting not as a father, but a driving instructor. In the car, Carl gives Eddie a harsh lesson in driving (losing points for things as frivolous as an imaginary bread truck), and Eddie ends up losing his confidence behind the wheel.

Later on that day, Laura wants to know how the exam went and Eddie is reluctant to say anything. Laura guesses that he's flunked the test and Eddie concurs...big time. Soon after, his girlfriend Jolene appears and pressures him into taking her for a drive. Laura tells Eddie if he goes driving right now, Dad will kill him. Eddie ignores the warning and drives the car out of the garage.

Soon, Laura is fending off Steve Urkel's advances and in a bid to do anything for her, she thinks for a minute. Laura tells Steve to let her know as soon as Eddie comes home. As Steve waits quietly in the living room, we hear tires screeching, which is followed by Eddie crashing the car right through the window!

Eddie and Jolene exit the car and then Laura and Steve want to know how this accident happened. Eddie says he freaked out behind the wheel as a bread truck was to blame. Jolene makes a mad dash out from the house as Steve tells Eddie it was an accident and Carl would understand. Seconds later, Carl, Harriette and Rachel come home through the giant hole and Carl's rage is out of control. He is about to throttle Eddie for this accident, but Steve, not wanting his best friend to get in trouble, jumps in and takes the rap for the incident. He explains that he is 'bad to the bone' and Carl is now furious with Steve over an accident he did not cause. He tells Steve to just go home and that he will be telling his parents about this accident.

Some time later, Laura is telling Eddie that he's done some bad things, but allowing Steve to take the rap over something this bad is a new low. Eddie thinks all will be fine, but just then Steve walks in wearing a cadet's uniform explaining that his parents, after hearing of the accident, decided to ship him off to military school. As Steve is giving Laura some parting gifts, Eddie's conscience starts to weigh down on him and he goes to tell Carl of the mistake he's made.

Eddie finds Carl in the garage, blowing up a balloon for Richie. He fesses up to the crime and Carl asks him what he's aware he's done (driving without a license, causing thousands in collateral damage and letting someone else take the rap). Eddie explains that he was afraid to tell Jolene he'd flunked the driver's test and now it's caused so much trouble. Carl says messing up is a part of growing up and thinks he may be partly responsible due to the last minute test. He wanted to help, but he'd shaken Eddie up instead. After his apology, Carl then imposes a punishment on Eddie for the accident (Grounded for a month, he must wait two months before he can take the test again, he must tell Steve's parents what happened, and he will do odd jobs around the house to pay for the damage to the wall).

Eddie tells Steve that he had confessed and Steve is happy with his friend. Steve tells him we would not be looking forward to military school. Eddie and Steve then start to play catch in the house and Steve accidently breaks a lamp. Carl starts to lose his cool, but Eddie takes the blame. Steve is again pleased that he was willing to go to that length, and Eddie tells him that a real friend is willing to aid another in need.