Family Matters

Season 2 Episode 24

The Good the Bad and the Urkel

Aired Unknown Apr 25, 1991 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • When Two-Gun Urkel shoots the bottles on the bar shelf, you can see the holes in the wall, where the bottles where most likely broken away by people from behind the wall. When Sheriff Carl shoots the flames away on the candles, more holes can be seen on the wall, where the flames were blown out by air that was blown from the holes.

  • Quotes

    • Two-Gun Urkel: In the meantime, let's form a posse and track down that dang orchestra!

    • Sheriff Carl: I'm the Sheriff and shooting people is one of the perps. It's my job to uphold the law.
      School Marm Harriette: Well, why can't there be simpler laws like... no smoking in elevators?
      Ricochet Rachel: What's an elevator?
      School Marm Harriette: It's a really fast way to get upstairs.
      Ricochet Rachel: Well for me, that's cash!

    • (after being shot)
      Two Gun Urkel: I've fallen and I can't get up!
      Sheriff Carl: Hold on, there, Two Gun! I'll go get Doc Urkel. Oh yeah… I killed him yesterday.
      Two Gun Urkel: It's been a bad week for the Urkel's. Oh, it's all getting darker. There's my Pa! I'm a-comin' Pa! Wait… he's runnin' away.

    • Sheriff Carl: I'm right sorry for what happened, Two Gun. But, your Pa was a public menace.
      Two Gun Urkel: Maybe so, but he was my Pa. And you had no call to do what you done.
      Sheriff Carl: Well, I done what I did cause it had to be done.
      Two Gun Urkel: Well, you done did it, and now you got to die.
      Sheriff Carl: Are you done.
      Two Gun Urkel: Yes, indeedy doo.
      Sheriff Carl: Dang.

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