Family Matters

Season 6 Episode 15

The Gun

Aired Unknown Feb 10, 1995 on ABC

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  • This is the most favorite episode I have ever seen on Family Matters. I know it has guns in it but it\'s still my favorite episode.

    The episode about The Gun......... radical! I love the way the violence is in that episode. Except the part when Josie got shot by one of those \"girly gangstas\". It was so tragic, yet I still like the way those people think of when they thought of turning in their guns. I couldn\'t believe Laura would think about buyin\' a gun!!! Whoa.... am I turning into gangsta mode or is it just all the shooting n\' everything? I felt like I was in a dream or something when I saw that episode. That was so cool! How Steve (Jaleel White) and Laura (Kellie Shanygne Williams) taught us not to bring guns to school. Children! Listen to them!
  • Such a great episode

    The gun is one of the best episodes of Family Matters. It teaches about how dangerous it is for one to go to school with guns being carried by another student. There are many funny jokes in this episode, but humor really isn't what this episode is about. It has a darker, more serious feel to it. I really enjoy watching Jaleel White's message at the end of the episode. Guns in schools never entered my mind until I saw this episode, and I learned that these crimes just can't be ignored. So watch this episode if you have not seen it. I know you will enjoy it.
  • Scary, but funny

    I cannot believe the intensity of this episode. First, Laura's jacket was stolen, and then guns appeared! Whoa! This episode was scary, especially when Josie was shot because all you hear is screaming, and then a gun shot, next thing you know, Josie's lying on the ground with blood coming out of her arms. That part really scared me. What I like about this episode, is that it shows kids and adults, that bad things can happen, in a place suppose to be as safe as school. I don't know what I would've done in Laura's situation. I can't believe she was thinking about buying a gun. This would have to be my most favorite episode of Family Matters ever!
  • Okay,this episode was scary.

    It was a good episode,but I consider this episode as a thriller.The beginning of the episode was pretty funny,but then it just got scary.That part where those gangsters steal Laura's jacket was not that scary,but the other scene with them was a lot scary.It was very scary when they discovered that one of Laura's friends were shot because of some shoes and the part with them saying stuff,but they can't be seen.That part was the scariest of all of the whole series.I would rather be at my house for pretection.This episode was a very good one,but a very scary one.
  • perfect

    this episode was very intense because of the topic of guns. i thought the scene where laura's friend was shot to be one of the scaries things i have seen in a sitcom. and laura considering purchasing a gun was weird of her to do, i can't imagine how scared she would have to be to have done that, or to consider it. overall, it had some funny parts throughout, and it also had some intense scenes for a sitcom i think, but i really enjoyed the episode a lot so it gets an A+ from me, perfect episode methinks