Family Matters

Season 1 Episode 1

The Mama Who Came to Dinner

Aired Unknown Sep 22, 1989 on ABC

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  • Not that impressive, but better than most.

    This show was a little shaky to me. Actually the entire first season was a little shaky to me. While they portrayed the family as a loving middle class American family, as far as structure, it was nearly identical to "Full House", another Miller-Boyett production. Outside of the minor differences, (stature, location etc.) this was a mirror of Full House's first season, with the "Full House Moment", a heartfelt moment always signaled in by soft piano music and a strong lecture from some adult in the house. This was usually used for the children on Full House, but it was used on the adults more on Family Matters. Overall, this show is remembered for what it became, not what it was pre-Steve Urkel/Steffan Urquelle.
  • Great start to the series!

    This episode introduces us to all of the characters and we learn stuff from the past we don't hear in other episodes.

    Carl- Doesn't want his mother living with him, was reluctlant to let Rachel and Richie live with them(previously)

    Harriet- Gets annoyed at Carl for being bossy, wants Mother Winslow to live with them.

    Mother Winslow- Can be pushy, young hearted, met many interesting people.

    Rachel- Is a writer, currently working on a novel, her husband died.

    Eddie- Rebellious, bribes his parents to get what he wants

    Laura- Is trusted taking care of Richie, picks on Judy

    Judy- Is jealous of Laura, because she's too young to take care of Richie

    Richie- Baby