Family Matters

Season 2 Episode 10

The Science Project

Aired Unknown Nov 16, 1990 on ABC
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Episode Summary

Steve suddenly finds himself popular when people are looking for science lab partners.

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  • Really amazing, funny, gracious

    Is an amazing episode in which Laura is scared when Steve builds her a bomb for the science project in a dream, she's so worried about her grade.

    It's of my favorite episodes of the series, also is funny when Steve presents them the LAURA scientific project, a rocket, a rocket doesn\'t explode like a bomb, neither it kills to the people
Joe Mays

Joe Mays

Mr. Nagy/Reuben

Guest Star

Aaron Lohr

Aaron Lohr


Guest Star

Sky Berdahl

Sky Berdahl


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Cherie Johnson

Cherie Johnson

Maxine Johnson

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    • Computer Steve: 7 minutes left. You're about to be exposed to 3,000,000,000 rads of deadly radiation. But look on the bright side: Soon you'll be your own night light. (laughs and snorts)

    • Steve: You said you wanted something KILLER, a sure-fire A, and I gave it to you, an A-Bomb.

    • Carl: See what your daughter did?
      Harriette: Oh, sure, she makes the honor roll, she's your daughter; she blows up the world, she's my daughter.
      Carl: Laura, you're grounded for... how much time is left?
      Laura: Five minutes.
      Carl: For five minutes.
      Harriette: Go up to your room and stay there until you're blown out of it.

    • (Steve just built an atomic bomb)
      Steve: I knew you'd be thrilled.
      Laura: This is just a model, right? It can't explode or anything?
      Steve: Why, of course it can! I love ya too much to build you a dud!
      Laura: But… but, where'd you get that radioactive stuff?
      Steve: I just called my uncle at the Pentagon—Colonel Dirk Urkel!
      Laura: There's an Urkel in our defense department?

    • Carl: What's wrong, honey?
      Laura: Science class. I'm in big trouble! I may get a B.
      Carl: I got a B once. I framed it.
      Laura: Dad, this is serious. I can't afford to get a B on my permanent record. From now on, no parties and no TV. In fact, I'm grounded.
      Harriette: Laura!
      Laura: Don't argue. Someday, I'll thank myself for this.

    • (Steve accidentally set off his A-bomb)
      Steve: Don't panic, my love! If I remember correctly, the safest place to be during a nuclear explosion is in a reinforced basement.
      Laura: Not when the bomb is in the basement with you!
      Steve: Good point… PANIC!

    • Laura: Look, I owe you an apology. The only reason I asked you to be my partner was because I was worried about my grade. When I said my feelings for you might change, I was lying. And I'm sorry.
      Steve: So, you used me! You trifled with my emotions! I offered you my heart and you stomped that sucker flat!
      Laura: Yes.
      Steve: No biggie!

  • NOTES (3)


    • The Steve Urkel on the bomb's computer monitor that spoke with a shuttering voice was a reference to the British sci-fi short series Max Headroom, in which the entitled character spoke in a similar distorted manner.