Family Matters

Season 6 Episode 1

To Be or Not to Be (1)

Aired Unknown Sep 23, 1994 on ABC

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  • Great episode.

    I must say that this was an entertaining episode. I thought it was fun to watch and also very funny. Myra was great and was the star of the show as she wanted Steve to come back from being Stefan. I guess Laura was taking him hostage, in a way. Myra ended up tampering with the transformation chamber and in the process, failed to get Steve back. The episode was well written, funny, and had some good storylines. It also had some good comedy and humor. Overall, this was a very good episode that was very fun to watch, very fun. Thank you.
  • Carl tries to cure his vision problems by using Steve's transformation chamber. Myra sabotages the machine in an effort to turn Stefan back into the man she loves, but instead of Urkel reverting to a nerd, Carl is turned into one!

    This is a FANTASTIC first half of a season premiere that strongly sets up the next episode. We start off with Steve and Myra on a date at a fancy restaurant. Steve reveals his intention to transform back into his suave alter-ego Stefan permanently so he can finally win Laura's heart. Myra objects to his not being true to himself and is hurt that no matter how much she loves him, he'd rather be with a woman that won't give the real him the time of day. As usual, the late Michelle Thomas really shines, and though her character is obviously written as an over-the-top borderline psycho, you can't help but feel for her.

    Steve goes back to his lab and shallow Laura can't wait for him to transform into Stefan. Myra shows up in one last desperate attempt to keep her love from changing, but Steve just won't listen. He becomes Stefan again, but notes that for the change to be permanent, he is going to need to make regular visits to the transformation chamber.

    Meanwhile, we get a few gags of Carl having vision problems. Even after a near-disasterous date with Harriette, Carl is still in denial about needing glasses. Mother Winslow gets in a couple of her usual funny jabs at Carl. Eddie mentions that Urkel's transformation chamber could probably cure his sight, since Stefan doesn't need glasses...

    Carl gets Stefan to let him use the transformation chamber, but little do they know Myra has sabotaged it in an attempt to get the real Steve back. Her plan goes awry, as instead of Stefan turning into Urkel, Carl is turned into an Urkel-like nerd.

    Again, this is a perfect setup episode. Unfortunately the following show fails miserably at knocking this easy pitch out of the park...