Family Matters

Season 2 Episode 2

Torn Between Two Lovers

Aired Unknown Sep 21, 1990 on ABC



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    • Steve: Hello, Edo!
      Jolene: (entering) Eddie Winslow, you are a slime bucket.
      Steve: So long, Edo.

    • Steve: Uh, Eddie, is this a bad time?
      Eddie: Steve, I just got dumped.
      Steve: Oh, good, then you're free!

    • Harriette: Better add zucchini to that shopping list.
      Judy: (writing) Z-U-K
      Harriette: Nope.
      Judy: Z-O-O-K
      Harriette: Uh uh.
      Judy: Let's get corn instead.

    • Steve: Carl, I brought the notes to go over with Laura.
      Carl: Uh, she's in the shower.
      Steve: Thanks. (Heads for the stairs. Carl grabs him by his suspenders) I almost got ya there, Carl.

    • (Steve just fainted)
      Rachel: Steve? Steve, what happened?
      Steve: Oh, nothing. Just blacked out for a second there!

  • Notes

    • The German episode title is "Ein Verehrer zuviel", meaning "An Admirer too Many".

    • The scene in the season 3 opening credits where Carl opens his newspaper, revealing that Richie is reading it too, is from this episode.

    • In the opening scene, Rachel is wearing the same dress she wears in the opening credits. She also wore it in the previous episode, "Rachel's Place."

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