Family Matters

Season 1 Episode 2

Two-Income Family

Aired Unknown Sep 29, 1989 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • The back of Valerie Jones, who played Judy Winslow in the pilot episode, can still be seen in the opening credits at the dinner table scene. It remains that way until the end of the first season.

    • This actually applies to every episode after this, but since this is the first episode with the new living room I'll mention it here. I know that the house that is seen is stock footage, but it doesn't match the interior. If you look at the porch when someone opens the door, there are a lot of plants, and even a bench. That's not seen on the stock footage. Also, to go down the stairs, you would have to turn left. On the stock footage, there is no real porch. Also, how would someone drive into the garage in the back of the house? The back yard is on the same level as the rest of the house. Also, in the closing theme song when it shows the Winslows at the piano in the living room, the piano shouldn't be at the corner of the house. Remember, the piano was right by the kitchen, so if you go to the right, then you go into the kitchen, which clearly doesn't make sense. The piano should be on the side of the house, or located right next to the door. Also, the stairs to the left of the living room door shouldn't be there, because they go too far over. The exterior shot shows a window there.

  • Quotes

    • Carl: Tell me this is a joke!
      Harriette: No, that's my severance.
      Rachel: What happened?
      Harriette: Well, the Chronicle was holding off on upgrading to an automatic elevator, they like me, and didn't have the heart to let me go. That is until I followed someone's advice, marched into that office like a fool and asked for a raise.

    • Eddie: I saved back some money from my job and earned an extra seventy dollars.
      Carl: Well, good for you, son. So I guess we'll be seeing you in your new sneakers here pretty soon huh?
      Eddie: Well. I thought about what you said, and I figured you could use it more than me. So I'm giving it to you to help pay some bills.
      Carl: (clearly impressed) Well, thank you, son.

    • Judy: Laura, what's seven times nine?
      Laura: Sixty- three.
      Judy: Thanks... Laura, what's eight times nine?
      Laura: Seventy- two
      Judy: Laura, what's nine...
      Laura: EIGHTY- ONE!

    • Carl: You left the car in the middle of the road?
      Harriette: No, it left me in the middle of the road.
      Carl: Come on, Edward, let's push the car back up here. Don't worry sweetie, everything's going to work out just fine.
      Harriette: Did I mention the car was on fire?

    • Judy: (talking about the Great Depression) What's a Depression?
      Estelle: That was a long time ago, honey. The banks had failed and people had to live on practically nothing. (Scoops out a small amount of mashed turnips on a plate and hands it to Eddie) Here give this to your father.

    • Laura: If we need quick cash, we can just sell Judy's toys.
      Judy: MOM!!

    • Eddie: What is it?
      Mother Winslow: It's turnips and bacon.
      Eddie: I don't see no bacon.
      Mother Winslow: It's just the drippin's. The meat will give us another meal.

    • Carl: Edward, your mother was fired.
      Eddie: From her job?
      Carl: No, from a cannon.

  • Notes

    • The German episode title is "Die Manager-Mutter".

    • Slight change in the opening credits, Mother Winslow's scene where she's reading a magazine on the porch has been updated, and Judy's scene has also been updated, she's now playing with her dollhouse on the kitchen table, and it's Jaimee Foxworth, not Valerie Jones.

    • "As Days Go By" is used as the theme song starting with this episode.

    • In the beginning of the series, Eddie is supposed to be the "idiot" of the show. Later in the series, that role will be taken over by Waldo Faldo (and sometimes Steve Urkel) while Eddie is developed into a mischievious teen.

  • Allusions

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