Family Matters

Season 4 Episode 21

Walk on the Wild Side

Aired Unknown Mar 26, 1993 on ABC

Episode Recap

Carl tricks Eddie into doing his chores by trying to give him a haircut, which he rejects. Then Harriette tells him not to do it, because their son has to clean his room, take out the garbage, pay his car bills, etc. Eddie leaves to do his chores and Carl is happy. He tells her that Eddie and Judy always had to be tricked with everything they have set up in order to get them to do what they wanted them to do. However, they're proud of the fact that Laura always follows the rules and doesn't need to be tricked. They decide to reward her with first choice of meat and let her siblings get the short end for a change.

However, Laura is finally fed up with being labeled a "Goody Two Shoes" by her peers and desperately tries to shead her nice girl image. She obtains fake ID's and she heads to a male strip club, "Club Buff", with her friends Maxine and KC.

In the living room, Eddie allows Waldo to go with the ugly girl for their double date, while he allows Maxine has her girls night out fun with her friends.

At Club Buff, Laura is unaware that Harriette, Rachel and Estelle are there for their own girls night out.However, Maxine and K.C.are enjoying their time, while Laura felt very uncomfortable and wants to go home.

Meanwhile, Urkel gets wind of her plans to shead her nice girl image and is sworn to secrecy by the girls.However, this doesn't stop him and tries to enter Club Buff to stopLaura from shedding her nice girl image.He's thrown out by the guard, citing that there's no men allowed there and he's forced to resort into sneaking in using a tree. One of the hosts accidently mistakens him to be one of the performers and he's forced to perform. Instead of performing to impress the ladies, Steve makes an impassionate speech warningLaura and her friendsto get out of the club before Harriette, Rachel and Estelle sees them. Embarrassed by Urkel, shetries to sneak out of the club by going under the table. Unfortunately, she's caught by an equally embarrassed Harriette, who takes her home.

At the house, before Harriette got a chance to discipline Laura, she explains herself to her mother that she was fed up with everyone thinking and calling her a Goody Two-Shoes that she wanted to prove her friends wrong that she too can be wild and crazy like them. She thought Club Buff would be a good way to shead her nice girl image. Instead of punishing her, Harriette relayed a story of her own too when she was a good girl too in comparison to Rachel who was the wild child. She too wanted to prove her peers wrong too and she did so by kissing Smokey Robinson. She thought she got away with it too, until her mother watched the news about her kissing him on television and grounded her for her actions. Harrriette tells Laura if she was to be cool in front of her peers, she should keep resisting temptation and to what she knows is right. Laura realises that her mother is right and decides to stay on the right path.

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