Family Matters

Season 4 Episode 21

Walk on the Wild Side

Aired Unknown Mar 26, 1993 on ABC



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    • Eddy: Now remember Waldo, if we find two girls, I get the ugly one.: Waldo: hey, how come you always get first pick?
      Eddy: Okay, you can have the ugly one.: Waldo: That's better!

    • Laura walks in the room looking very sexy.: Laura ( in sexy voice): hello Steven!
      Steve (normal voice): Hi Laura: Steve (faints): LaLaLaLaura, legs, bazooooms!

    • Steve: (onstage, trying to get Laura's attention) Imagine being an innocent young girl in a golden dress wearing too much makeup. How would you feel if your mother saw you here along with your grandmother and your aunt? (Laura sees them and tries to get out by moving under one of the tables, Harriette bumps into it and sees Laura)
      Laura: Uh, oh.
      Harriette: The BIG uh, oh.

    • Carl: I'm going to give you a haircut.
      Eddie: Why?
      Carl: Well, just think of all the money I'll save. Hey, I can even give you one of those cool cuts you kids like, how about a smiley face?
      Eddie: Mom!
      Harriette: Carl, it's important that Eddie looks good.
      Carl: Oh, come on, I may botch up the first three or four haircuts but I'll get it.
      Harriette: He doesn't have time for a haircut.
      Carl: He doesn't?
      Harriette: No, he's got to clean his room and wash the car and take out the trash.
      Eddie: Oh right, I do. Well, bye! (leaves)
      Carl: Told you I'd get that boy to do his chores.

    • (Steve sees Laura looking sexy in a golden outfit)
      Steve: Laura!...Legs!...BAZOOOMS!! (falls down)

    • Steve: Laura, don't run.
      Laura: Why not?
      Steve: 'Cause when you do, you bounce.

  • Notes

    • As indicated by its production number this episode was filmed before Jaimee Foxworth left the show which explains the reference to her character.

    • The German episode title is "Laura und das wilde Leben", meaning "Laura and the Wild Life".

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