Family Matters

Season 3 Episode 19

Woman of the People

Aired Unknown Feb 21, 1992 on ABC
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When squeaky-clean Laura enters the race for student-council president, snooty rival Cassie Lynn vows to gather dirt on her. Meanwhile, neighbors elect Harriette Neighborhood Watch leader, and Carl is down in the dumps about it.

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  • Decent episode.

    I liked this episode because of the fact that it had a different fell to it. It wasn't outrageous or out of character. It was a solid episode where there was actually reality to it. My favorite aspects of the episode was where Steve kisses the snooty girl and makes a threat to show the picture if she played dirty. She said she wouldn't and Laura ended up winning because of Steve. It was a well written episode and the comedy was decent. The one thing I didn't care much for was the pace of the show. Overall, a decent episode. Thank you.moreless

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    • Steve: (about the pictures of him kissing Cassie Lynn) See, Eddo? I told you she wasn't so smart.
      Eddie: I'll say, otherwise she would've realized I forgot to take off the lens cap.

    • Carl: I would not send out two defenseless women in the black of night, especially when one of them is 80 years old.
      Estelle: Eighty-one, and if anybody tries to mess with me, they'll be snacking on their own teeth.

    • Steve: Why, I can see the headlines now! "Nubbles Sucks Face with Nerd!"
      Cassie Lynn: You wouldn't.
      Steve: Would.
      Cassie Lynn: You couldn't.
      Steve: Could.
      Cassie Lynn: But, it's a lie! You kissed me. I didn't kiss you.
      Steve: Well, that may be what happened, but it won't be what the people believe. People just love juicy gossip!

    • Cassie Lynn: All's fair in love and politics.
      Steve: Oh, I am so glad you said that!
      (grabs and kisses her as Eddie swoops in and starts taking pictures)
      Cassie Lynn: Eww! Yuck! Ick!
      Steve: Well, the earth didn't exactly move for me either!

    • Carl: What? I'm on duty? Well, why didn't you tell me?
      Harriette: I posted the schedule, Carl!
      Carl: Well, I didn't see it, Harriette!
      Estelle: Well, how did you miss it? It was right in your favorite spot.
      Carl: And where's that?
      Estelle: The refrigerator.

    • Steve: Steve Urkel, Muskrat Times! Sorry I'm late, but I got my tongue stuck in the printing press.

    • Carl: Oh, great. My squad leader is a funky fresh.
      Eddie: Dad, can we patrol on skateboards?
      Carl: Not tonight, Funky.

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