Family Plots

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  • Season 2
    • Rest in Peace
      Rest in Peace
      Episode 26
      The preparation of a 102 year-old woman to be buried in a family plot, and the sudden death of an acquaintance of Chuck's, force the gang to consider their own final arrangements. While Rick has diamond jewelry made from the ashes of his dead son so his family can always keep him near, the Wissmillers seek out their own family plot. But can Chuck, his ex-wife and the three girls agree on a place to spend eternity together?moreless
    • Curb Your Anger
      Curb Your Anger
      Episode 25
      From A&E: It's the aftermath of Rick and Chuck's explosive fight and ongoing anger issues surface with the rest of the staff. To preserve jobs and to restore crumbling relationships, Rick and Shonna call in celebrated relationship specialist Dr. Ava Cadell. Using roleplay, puppets and harsh truths will she be able to cut through deep-seated staff resentment and old family dynamics between Chuck and his three daughters?moreless
    • Something's Gotta Give
      From A&E: Tensions between Chuck and Rick finally explode in a confrontation that sends shock waves through the entire staff. Shonna, tired of playing mediator, threatens to quit, and Rick might just fire Chuck. While rancor threatens to tear the mortuary apart, David gets a lesson in marital bliss as he makes arrangements for a 94 year-old man to be buried next to his beloved wife.moreless
    • A New Gal in Town
      A New Gal in Town
      Episode 23
      Rick brings his brand new girlfriend to the mortuary to see if she'll pass the test with Shonna and Emily. Chuck, jealous of Rick's score, picks a fight with Shonna over where to take a visiting morticians group to lunch. Meanwhile, John bonds with the children of a female Federal Marshall who lived life to the fullest.moreless
    • In the Spirit
      In the Spirit
      Episode 22
      From A&E: It's Halloween, and as thoughts turn to all things ghoulish Shonna plans a spooky bash at Rick's house. But at the mortuary everyone's had their own real life ghost encounter. So Shonna invites famous psychic Gary Spivey to test if the funeral home is haunted by the spirits of the dead they've prepared. But it's when Gary turns his attention to the living and gives readings to the cynical gang that everyone is thrown for a loop.moreless
    • Ashes to Ashes
      Ashes to Ashes
      Episode 21
      From A&E: An influx of cancer related deaths at the mortuary gets the gang thinking about giving up smoking again, but the stress of being slammed with tons of new business makes it harder to do so. When David makes arrangements for the scattering of a woman's ashes at sea, and discovers that one of her family is a hypnotist - there may be a new way for Shonna and Rick to kick the habit.moreless
    • Testing the Waters
      Testing the Waters
      Episode 20
      From A&E: Newly single Emily gets asked out on her first date since the breakup, and she's very excited. But there's one hitch, she can't find a babysitter for her son. Funeral Director David comes to the rescue, as he's thinking of having kids of his own, and wants to test his parenting skills. After the gang gives Emily advice on dating again, and David tips on childcare - what could go wrong?moreless
    • Daddy's Girls
      Daddy's Girls
      Episode 19
      From A&E: When Shonna does an interview on San Diego's big morning radio show, she uses the listener call-ins to try and land her dad Chuck a date. Then older sister Melissa jumps in as matchmaker to find herself and Chuck dates, by taking him speed dating. Meanwhile, John bonds with the widow of an elderly man who passed away at home leaving her all alone.moreless
    • Business Is Dead
      Business Is Dead
      Episode 18
      From A&E: Days of constant rain, and a break for the Grim Reaper, leave business dead at the mortuary. With too much time on their hands, tensions rise, and trouble comes to a head when absent minded Chuck is given a cell phone.
    • Live Long and Prosper
      From A&E: Funeral director and "Trekkie" David tries to teach Chuck the Vulcan salute "Live long and prosper." As Chuck spreads the word, the gang learns the real meaning of the motto as they rush to prepare a 97 year old great-great-grandmother for the family viewing, where her husband of 80 years will see her for the last time.moreless
    • Boxing the Past
      Boxing the Past
      Episode 16
      From A&E: It's an emotional week for the Wissmillers. Youngest sister Emily is separating from her husband, and is forced to find a new apartment for herself and her young son. Meanwhile her dad, Chuck, who could have been a boxing contender in his youth, knows how hard it is to move on from broken dreams. Now he has a second chance for success when one of the boxers he coaches has a big fight in Vegas.moreless
    • Generations
      Episode 15
      From A&E: Chuck feels blue after picking up the body of an elderly woman who reminds him of his deceased grandmother. Shonna, who feels he wasn't the most present father, thinks he should be less emotional on the job, and has no time for him. As John helps comfort the devoted niece of the deceased, Chuck takes out his frustrations on eldest daughter Melissa, who is helping him outfit his kitty for the big Poway costume Pet Contest.moreless
    • Baptism By Fire
      Baptism By Fire
      Episode 14
      From A&E: The mortuary is slamming busy, so a burned-out Shonna gives a break to Dan, a young man whose life's dream is to work with the dead. The gang pitches in to show him the ropes, and as Dan faces his first day dealing with death, everyone reflects on how they got their own start in the biz.moreless
    • Scent of a Man
      Scent of a Man
      Episode 13
      From A&E: The Wissmiller sisters are playing matchmaker for their dad again--only this time setting him up on a date with one of his many female fans. As the big night approaches, Chuck's hopes for a kiss on the first date are dashed when he eats too much garlic for lunch, unless the gang can help him get rid of the smell.moreless
    • The Web We Weave
      The Web We Weave
      Episode 12
      The gang brings in a woman to set up the mortuary's first website to attract new business. She gets to know each of them personally as they help a family deal with the death of their beloved father. While she may have eyes for Rick, it's Chuck who really wants to make an impression on her.moreless
    • Parentless
      Episode 11
      Funeral director David Moravee helps a family plan the funeral of their much loved father to be buried next to their late mother. As the gang at the mortuary all contemplate losing their own parents, David, whose mother's birthday is upcoming, realizes that he's never told her how much she means to him. Meanwhile, Chuck takes the hearse for a ride, leaving John and David stranded on their way to a funeral.moreless
    • Sink or Swim
      Sink or Swim
      Episode 10
      It's Rick's birthday - a time for him to ponder love and life. To celebrate he's invited everyone (except ex-fiancée Melissa) to a swim party, but only Chuck wants to wear a bathing suit. While a big fight between Chuck and Emily threatens to dominate the party, Rick can't shake off the ghosts of his own recent losses.moreless
    • In Memoriam
      In Memoriam
      Episode 9
      When a young couple loses their 3 month old son, it's new arranger Matt's job to help them and it's his first time handling a baby case. Though John, who lost his own baby boy lends a hand, he must do so while trying not to relive his own tragedy. Everyone at the mortuary is touched by the family's loss as Shonna works to prepare the child for the viewing where his parents will see him for the last time.moreless
    • Cleaning House
      Cleaning House
      Episode 8
      Recently separated from his wife and living on his own, funeral director John Greeney has a lot on his mind. Now he must handle the arrangements for a family's much beloved father on the anniversary of his own father's early demise. The love shown by the deceased's family makes him reflect on his dad and his new solo life away from his children. Meanwhile, Shonna and Emily have their own plans to help him get back on track. They think adding a woman's touch will spruce up his new bachelor pad.moreless
    • For Funerals and a Wedding
      A couple who met in grief counseling after losing their spouses writes in to ask if they can be married at the mortuary! Despite their own cynicism towards marriage the gang agrees, hoping to lighten things up around the place. Rick will perform the ceremony, Chuck will give the bride away, and the girls will all be bridesmaids. But, as the big day approaches, everyone's on edge because Rick will have to deal with ex-fiancée Missy at the ceremony. Will celebrating the new love of others help bring the love back to the mortuary?moreless
    • The Un-anniversary
      It's an unhappy time for Chuck. Ex-wife Sue has planned an "un-anniversary" celebration on the night that would have marked their 42nd anniversary, and a big fight with John leaves Chuck on the outs with his daughters. But the gang is reminded of the importance of family when they arrange the funeral of man who was a devoted husband and father. Will Shonna forgive Chuck for everything past and present?moreless
    • Back in the Saddle
      It's the big Western weekend in Poway, and it looks like Rick may be finally moving on after Melissa. He goes on a horse riding and roping trip and lines up a date for the local rodeo. With Rick out of the way, the mortuary staff finally gets to have some fun, and Chuck and John even head out to see if they can rustle up some women of their own.moreless
    • New Blood
      New Blood
      Episode 4
      A kinder, gentler Rick brings a new funeral arranger onto the team to help out when new business is too much for everyone to handle. Matt Nikoley, who doubles as an assistant pastor, has a style very different from his new co-workers - especially when it comes to swearing under pressure and taking the Lord's name in vain. Matt starts training and soon faces the challenge of his first funeral arrangement: the patriarch of a family who has also been in the funeral biz - added pressure for Shonna to make him look perfect for his final viewing. Meanwhile under stress, the gang tries to check their profanity and it isn't easy.moreless
    • Boiling Point
      Boiling Point
      Episode 3
      Tensions at the mortuary over Rick's break-up with Melissa comes to an explosive head when he takes his frustrations out on the staff. John, already on edge over his divorce, threatens to quit much to Shonna's dismay. In a screaming rage, Shonna tells Rick he's got to change his ways. And everyone waits to see if he will.moreless
    • Birthday Bash
      Birthday Bash
      Episode 2
      Emily doesn't want her split with her husband to interfere with her son's seventh birthday. Everyone's invited to the party except boss Rick, who's still taking his break-up with Melissa out on everyone. The mortuary staff tries to keep the party a secret from Rick and it looks like they'll be able to pull it off - until Emily and dad Chuck have a blow-out that threatens to ruin everything.moreless
    • Where's the Love?
      In the new season's premiere, we catch up with the mortuary gang, who are still dealing with the painful aftermath of Rick and Melissa's break-up. Rick refuses to be around Melissa, and the stress is driving everyone nuts. Meanwhile, other mortuary staffers have their own emotional problems. Emily is separating from her husband, and John is separating from his wife.moreless
  • Season 1