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  • In the Afterlife…

    I find this show really funny, which I guess says a lot about me as well as the show considering it is about an extended family and some employees and friends that run a funeral home. There is sooo much drama between all the family, potential family and those they are dating and working with. Confused yet, if yes, watch the show it is great, if no, cool. Although there is drama with the workers and much comedy so the seriousness of their jobs don’t make them crack, they are always professionals when it comes to their jobs and helping people through one on the hardest times of their life. My favorite is Shonna Smith who is the head mortician.
  • This show is warm and funny! Wonderful look inside a professional family.

    The show is GREAT!!! It really puts a more personal take on a very sensitive subject. I think the family is just like most, they have up and downs. It is wonderful how they don\'t down play or hide their real feelings and emotions. My favortie family member has got to be Shonna. She is so no non-sense. This show is warm , funny and over-all just fabulous. I recommend everyone watch it.
  • I think this show is funny as well as touching. I love the family. Believe it or not I feel they are like most families.My family loves this show and I hope you keep it on for a long time. I never get tired of watching it.

    Shonna is so open and hysterical although at times a little hard on her father. Chuck is the most entertaining, who knows what he is goung to do or say next. Emily is a kind soul and I really do hope she finds the happiness she is looking for. Rick is arrogant at times and even a little pathetic, but he rounds out the family wonderfully. I would like to see more of melissa, she really isn't on enough to get a better read on her.John has the hardest time in his life right now and is such a nice guy. i love his relationship with chuck. David is a definite obsessive compulsive man. But the show wouldn't be the same without him
    Together they just are a group that somehow works together and the show just wouldn't be the same without any of them as they bring out the best and worst in each other.
  • I'm laughing. I can't help it.

    I am happy how these family members work together, although they are very dysfunctional. It's so funny how they gang up on their dad. I feel bad for him sometimes, but he is too soft. His feelings is hurt, but he won't show it. He always take offense to what the girls say. He should just laugh it off, and that will make them really mad. Is it me, or do these women need to get a man. I guess they are following in their moms footsteps.
    These are the most smoking people I have ever seen in my life. The other day, they were all saying they were going to stop, only to say, they won't.
  • I can't believe it's not on anymore! This was a great show! I wish they would put it back on!!!

    This is or was a great show and I hope they bring it back ASAP! It shows that all families have thier problems and we all should learn to laugh and try to get along! We don't know how long we are on this earth for!!! Please bring this show back!
  • i love this show

    I love this show very much it touches my heart those that do not like it must not do well with every day life and or hard times that come about. I also take that people who say things about Rick in a bad way because of his past-they must be angels no one is perfect and we all do things in life we may not be proud of, I feel when watching this show it is as if they are right in my living room they are honest and true and I love them they are great my best to them all./
  • As strange as it may have appeared to some this show put a face, if you will, on the mortuary business outside of just the "professional" aspect of it and it is sorely missed.

    I thought the show was awesome in dealing with the individual lives of those involved. I thoroughly enjoyed each individual on the show and I miss it terribly. It was my "fix" for Sunday evening and now I"m at a loss!!! What happened????? It showed the "human" side of the mortuary business which made some of us who rarely allow ourselves involvement in that process, what it's really like, not only professionally but personally as well.
  • I loved this show!!! I happen to catch a few re-runs the other day and relized just how much I MISS IT!!!! Is it off the air never to return again? I sure hope not. I miss my fix.

    I Love It!! I Love it!! I Love it!! Pleeeeaaassseee bring my show back:(
    I watch all types of reality shows and this was right up at the top of my list! Please advise if the show will return....
    I used to live in the area where the show is taped, it's nice to see my old stomping grounds.
  • I love this show and am absolutely livid that behind our backs A&E canceled without a reason! Sunday nights found me settled in to visit some of my own dysfunctional family. There was struggle, pain, machismo, confusion, misunderstanding, lack of communi

    Though Rick is the owner the show really revolves around Chuck's family of Shonna, Emily, Missy & sometimes Susan. The others, John & David revolve around the perimeter as friends ready with love, support & sometimes frustration turned anger over the inner workings of the Wismiller family. One of the biggest problems between Chuck & his girls is the painful difficulty to communicate. Much stemming from his machismo some from the fear of being vulnerable. Being a boxer vulnerability is something you don't show. For years he used alcohol to mask the pain of low self-esteem. Now he hides behind a facade of being the cock of the walk as he preens and makes comments about not being "lucky" enough to be able to win over some young thing that flits by. He never seems to connect that attraction begins with genuine interest, conversation, sincerity in the approach and not that women are airheads and all he needs to flaunt is his physique and well groomed head & clothes. Instead of dealing with things openly he finds a way to put it onto someone else because his defense is that he's always right, another way of not taking responsibility for his life's actions. His female children try harder at communication but Missy & Emily also suffer from relationship problems, the fear of being vulnerable to someone else and opening up. Shonna, always feeling she has to be the strong one and keep things in line never gets the opportunity to be in need or to lean for support making that an impossible position to maintain. The baggage they all carry from a home that broke up too soon and not having the tools to recognize or handle the emotions, pain or feelings of being slighted sets the scene for tension and blow-ups that eventually pulls everyone in the mortuary into the fray.
  • A reality show about a family-run funeral home in Southern California, the characters on this show don't need writers, they are a hoot just being themselves. It's not for everyone, but the show is interesting.

    Maybe the most unlikely reality show, Family Plots has a cast of characters even Shakespeare couldn't have dreamed-up. The funeral home is owned by Rick who somehow managed to hire 3 sisters and their dad to work for him. Rick is best friends with Shonna the mortician who is high-strung and really cares about her work. Her sister Emily is the office manager and is sweet, low-key and given to tears. The other sister, Melissa, was engaged to Rick, broke up with him, but still works at the mortuary. Melissa is full of herself and seems to think she is a real catch. I don't see it. It's funny to see how the three of them can be so different.

    Father of the three girls Chuck is quite a character and buts heads with Rick all the time. Shonna has to constantly watch after him to make sure he stays in line.

    Dark humor is alive and well with this bunch.
  • This show is funny!

    Who ever thought that a show about a funeral home could be interesting and funny. Each time I watch this show I turn it off laughing. I had no idea that a show like this would ever be worth watching but boy was I wrong. Watch this show! Its awesome!
  • I just love this show!! It has everything from comedy to pathos. Wonderful people who show their human sides.

    This terrific series is my personal favorite!! I just love it!! One minute they have me laughing so hard I cry, next moment I feel for them and their personal lives so much I weep. This show is so very interesting in that it shows we all are only human, some days we are good and other days we are bad.
  • I do not watch TV much at all, as it bores me...but my husband got me to watch this show and now I am hooked!!! We think Chuck is a natural comedian. Love all the guys and gals on this show. Love the song in the beginning also!

    I have found this show very enlightening, heart-warming, sad, and funny. Real life and death! I tell everyone I know to watch this and since they know I do not usually watch TV they do becasue they figure "it" must be good! Now everyonw I know tunes in for "Family Plots"!!!

    I would recommend this show to everyone...I cannot wait for Sun nites to come so i can watch it!! Even the reruns!!! Keep it up!!!!!!!! Anyone who loves to have a good laugh and a good cry this is definitely the show for you!!!! DON'T MISS IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TRUST ME, YOU'LL LOVE IT!!!!!
  • A show that is being overlooked because of where it takes place. Its very funny and entertaining! People can relate to the problems the family encounters because the are just like every other family out there!!!

    This show is very funny and entertaining. People are turned off by it because of the setting. Once you get past the fact that it takes place in a funeral home, you relize that this a loving family that has problems like every other family. The members of the family all have a distinct personality that adds flair to the show. Its a very funny show about a family trying to get along and live there lives. It can also be touching and a bit sad because of the fact that it does take place in a funeral home and deals with death. Overall I love this show and never miss it. I think everyone should give it a chance!!!
  • Family Plots is a poor example of what A&E advertises it to be. To make a long story short the show is really more about a dysfuntional family and a guy with quite a criminal history than seems to have no skills at manageing anything.

    This show has been a disappointment. What I believed was going to be a real look inside the workings of a family owned mortuary has turned into a soap opera about the Wiismiller family. Do you know that people believe Rick or Rick together with Shoona owns Poway when in fact they are just workers?
    I learned more and saw more from a family friend who\'s family owns a funeral home. He says he doesn\'t like the idea that to many people will think all funeral businesses are run this way.
    The only time we see any of the actual conversations concerning the business is when David and John are involved. There's so much about Death that most americans don't know about and anyone thinking this show is going to show them is crazy.
    I remember a show that followed people thru embalming school and interships with funeral homes and that was great. Foolishly I thought this how would be like it....well it\'s not. I think that show was on discovery.
    A&E which usually has good programing really dropped the ball on this one. From what I\'ve seen I don\'t think I\'d trust anyone of them except for David and John to take care of someone I cared about.
    Did anybody out there happen to see the show I mentioned I wish it would be run again it actually showed the process of dressing and transfering people\'s remains to the coffin. Also the embalmer told how everything is done and how each embalmer has their own mixture to give the remains the look they want.
    That\'s the kind of information I expected to get from Family Plots.
  • Morbid but awesome!

    I love watching it! I don't know why, but I do. When I am not working or studying on Sunday Night, my TV is on AE and I am watching it. I like Shonna! She is the level headed one who keeps them all in line. God Bless you Shonna!
  • rick and shonna need to grow up and get off their high ponies. i would say horses... but... they\'re not grown up enough to get on the big animals, yet! theropy is a good word! dad isn\'t bad... it was rick\'s ! know the truth before convicting! forgive

    shonna... your father has diabetes, a boxing history, and is getting older.all three are bad on the brain. forgive and go forward. help him when needed. stop blaming him. not just for him.. but for you too! holding all that anger is hurting you in many ways too. i have a father that i have had issues with too. it hung on my shoulder\'s for many years. i learned to forgive him. not to forget... but to forgive. everyone would work better there if you and rick stopped this back yard bullie tatic\'s. you guys have a good thing going there. don\'t blow it. you and rick should both seek theropy. it might help you from trying to carry the weight of everything on your shoulder\'s. rick needs to learn how to speak to his worker\'s. act like a human... you\'re treated like one. act like a jerk and you get treated like one right back. i think saying;\" we\'ll talk about it!\" to chuck would have worked bertter than \"f--- y--!\" did! them\'s fightin\' words! let go... let god!
  • This show is a great way for people to see the workings of funerals, but with the twist and turns of the families who work there.

    The show is absolutely wonderful. The one thing that does bother me is those spoiled girls lack of respect for their father. For someone in her position, shawna needs to learn respect and a hold on her tongue. The things she say\'s about her father say nothing for her character and should realize that this is how people see HER in this show. VERY disrespectful and rude. SHe needs to grow up. Emily also seems to have the disrespect thing going on but not to the extent as shona. The only one with any type of respect at all of herself and her father is the oldest girl Melissa.
    Chuck, you need to command respect and don\'t tollerate such behaviour from those spoiled children of yours. If they can\'t have a civil tongue, then, perhaps a change of jobs would be best for you.
    Rick, wake up and get a life. Just because you own the business doesn\'t mean you can walk all over those you don\'t like. GROW UP.
    I have to say one of my favourites is John. He\'s a sweet wee thing and has it hard. Perhaps watching and learning from his demeanor may help the rest get real.
  • When I watched the first episode I thought that it was the most morbid and absurd show I'd ever seen. By the third show I came to appreciate the characters and the idea of them being in a mortuary. After all, death is the most natural thing about life!

    The program makes for an entertaining hour. The characters are funny and they don't even realize it. Instead of Marsha, Marsha, Marsha, everyone should be saying, Shonna, Shonna, Shonna since she seems to be the most prominent person and I find her extremely likeable. John caught my attention as well, cute, very easy on the eyes! I have a big problem with Chuck. He acts so goofy and juvenile and doesn't appear to care about who he's speaking badly about on camera. He has no work ethic either (often late for work). Other than Chuck, I love the show.
  • THIS is reality at it's finest. I wish that they could show more body preperations(I am in the medical field-maybe I need to see that stuff on the discovery channel)

    Ok, Herman Munster worked in a funeral parlor-and that was ok back in the 1960s because he looked like he belonged there. Now we can see what they really do at these places-almost. THIS is reality at it's finest-there are too many jobs out there that we need to take the lid off and show the world what it's really like-This is one of them-too bad that they can't open their bookkeeping to show what a rip off the business really is to the 'loved ones' who pay the bills.
  • The show is great, I seldom watch the usual sitcoms on network TV. During the week I find myself humming the theme song. I hope you don't run out of material for future episodes.

    My wife and I enjoy the day to day working of the Funeral Home. Both of us are retired and have worked in office environments. We see the same irritants and pitfalls.

    I am curious in that when you bring up the Poway Bernardo Funeral home on Yahoo Rick Sadler is not listed as the Funeral Director. Also, it must take a great deal of time to produce the show, how do they also run the business?

    The girls are hot, my favorite is Shonna, how in the world did she become an embalmer?

    A departure from the usual entertainment offered on TV we find the show amusing, informative and fun.

    Chuck is a blast, I wish I could have had a job like his. He takes it in stride and shows emotion and care when he is doing body removal.

    If I ever get to Poway I will stop in and hug Shonna.

    Tom Bachman
    Stuart, FL
  • What happened to the young kid who was going to work as an intern? We haven't seen anything of him in subsequent shows.

    Several shows ago, a young kid came in to interview with Rick who was interested in mortuary science and working in a funeral home. They made him wait, and wait, and wait before they talked to him. But he seemed to make a good impression and I expected to see more of him as the show progressed. However, other than that one episode, there has been nothing more about him.
  • Too many reality shows in the world but this one can actually hold its own.

    I love this show A&E is really good for putting out good shows and Family Plots is one of them. I'll be the first to tell you that reality shows like Survior, American Idol and The Swan are CRAP!! Finally a a reality show comes on the air that actually has substance and not people making themselves look like retardes for some cash. I hope Family Plots will stay around for a while cuz its really good.