Family Plots

Sunday 9:00 PM on A&E Premiered Apr 19, 2004 In Season


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  • I love this show and am absolutely livid that behind our backs A&E canceled without a reason! Sunday nights found me settled in to visit some of my own dysfunctional family. There was struggle, pain, machismo, confusion, misunderstanding, lack of communi

    Though Rick is the owner the show really revolves around Chuck's family of Shonna, Emily, Missy & sometimes Susan. The others, John & David revolve around the perimeter as friends ready with love, support & sometimes frustration turned anger over the inner workings of the Wismiller family. One of the biggest problems between Chuck & his girls is the painful difficulty to communicate. Much stemming from his machismo some from the fear of being vulnerable. Being a boxer vulnerability is something you don't show. For years he used alcohol to mask the pain of low self-esteem. Now he hides behind a facade of being the cock of the walk as he preens and makes comments about not being "lucky" enough to be able to win over some young thing that flits by. He never seems to connect that attraction begins with genuine interest, conversation, sincerity in the approach and not that women are airheads and all he needs to flaunt is his physique and well groomed head & clothes. Instead of dealing with things openly he finds a way to put it onto someone else because his defense is that he's always right, another way of not taking responsibility for his life's actions. His female children try harder at communication but Missy & Emily also suffer from relationship problems, the fear of being vulnerable to someone else and opening up. Shonna, always feeling she has to be the strong one and keep things in line never gets the opportunity to be in need or to lean for support making that an impossible position to maintain. The baggage they all carry from a home that broke up too soon and not having the tools to recognize or handle the emotions, pain or feelings of being slighted sets the scene for tension and blow-ups that eventually pulls everyone in the mortuary into the fray.