Family Plots

Sunday 9:00 PM on A&E Premiered Apr 19, 2004 In Season


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  • The show is great, I seldom watch the usual sitcoms on network TV. During the week I find myself humming the theme song. I hope you don't run out of material for future episodes.

    My wife and I enjoy the day to day working of the Funeral Home. Both of us are retired and have worked in office environments. We see the same irritants and pitfalls.

    I am curious in that when you bring up the Poway Bernardo Funeral home on Yahoo Rick Sadler is not listed as the Funeral Director. Also, it must take a great deal of time to produce the show, how do they also run the business?

    The girls are hot, my favorite is Shonna, how in the world did she become an embalmer?

    A departure from the usual entertainment offered on TV we find the show amusing, informative and fun.

    Chuck is a blast, I wish I could have had a job like his. He takes it in stride and shows emotion and care when he is doing body removal.

    If I ever get to Poway I will stop in and hug Shonna.

    Tom Bachman
    Stuart, FL
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