Family Plots

Sunday 9:00 PM on A&E Premiered Apr 19, 2004 In Season


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  • rick and shonna need to grow up and get off their high ponies. i would say horses... but... they\'re not grown up enough to get on the big animals, yet! theropy is a good word! dad isn\'t bad... it was rick\'s ! know the truth before convicting! forgive

    shonna... your father has diabetes, a boxing history, and is getting older.all three are bad on the brain. forgive and go forward. help him when needed. stop blaming him. not just for him.. but for you too! holding all that anger is hurting you in many ways too. i have a father that i have had issues with too. it hung on my shoulder\'s for many years. i learned to forgive him. not to forget... but to forgive. everyone would work better there if you and rick stopped this back yard bullie tatic\'s. you guys have a good thing going there. don\'t blow it. you and rick should both seek theropy. it might help you from trying to carry the weight of everything on your shoulder\'s. rick needs to learn how to speak to his worker\'s. act like a human... you\'re treated like one. act like a jerk and you get treated like one right back. i think saying;\" we\'ll talk about it!\" to chuck would have worked bertter than \"f--- y--!\" did! them\'s fightin\' words! let go... let god!