Family Plots

Sunday 9:00 PM on A&E Premiered Apr 19, 2004 In Season


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  • Family Plots is a poor example of what A&E advertises it to be. To make a long story short the show is really more about a dysfuntional family and a guy with quite a criminal history than seems to have no skills at manageing anything.

    This show has been a disappointment. What I believed was going to be a real look inside the workings of a family owned mortuary has turned into a soap opera about the Wiismiller family. Do you know that people believe Rick or Rick together with Shoona owns Poway when in fact they are just workers?
    I learned more and saw more from a family friend who\'s family owns a funeral home. He says he doesn\'t like the idea that to many people will think all funeral businesses are run this way.
    The only time we see any of the actual conversations concerning the business is when David and John are involved. There's so much about Death that most americans don't know about and anyone thinking this show is going to show them is crazy.
    I remember a show that followed people thru embalming school and interships with funeral homes and that was great. Foolishly I thought this how would be like it....well it\'s not. I think that show was on discovery.
    A&E which usually has good programing really dropped the ball on this one. From what I\'ve seen I don\'t think I\'d trust anyone of them except for David and John to take care of someone I cared about.
    Did anybody out there happen to see the show I mentioned I wish it would be run again it actually showed the process of dressing and transfering people\'s remains to the coffin. Also the embalmer told how everything is done and how each embalmer has their own mixture to give the remains the look they want.
    That\'s the kind of information I expected to get from Family Plots.