Family Ties

Season 3 Episode 7

4 Rms Ocn Vu

Aired Unknown Nov 08, 1984 on NBC
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Steven and Elyse leave Alex and Mallory in charge in order to have a vacation for two.

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  • Welcome to the Keaton Motel!

    I loved this episode when it first aired and it still makes me laugh out loud whenever I happen to catch it on TV. The Keaton parents are away and the kids need to make some money to pay for Mallory's auto mishap. So, with typical sitcom logic, the Keaton kids decide to turn the house into a motel for the weekend.

    My favorite part is when the father finally returns home. He shares the curious things he observed during the drive home: the highway billboard advertising their motel, the 'No Vacancy' sign on the front lawn, the valet parking in the driveway, and the kangaroo in the living room.

    Awesome, silly, hilarious Keaton fun!moreless
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Sam Whipple

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Shawn Schepps

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Earl Boen

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    • Mallory: Dad, if you give us a chance we can explain everything.
      Steven: Can you? Can you explain the valet parking in the driveway? The flashing "vacancy" sign in the front of the house? The billboard on Route 41?

    • Alex: It's just not the same with you guys not around here.
      Mallory: Yeah, Dad, we really miss you when you're not here!
      Jennifer: Yeah, we love you.
      Alex: That's an understatement! (they all hug)
      Steven: Aw, thanks, kids! That's very sweet. Uh, where's my suitcase?
      Alex: Oh, it's in the car. (Mallory helps Steven with his coat) The motor's running.

    • Mallory: Um, you know that telephone pole out there?
      Alex: Yeah.
      Mallory: It smashed into our car.

    • Man: We've come about the room. We'd like one with an ocean view, please.
      Mallory: Alex, no.
      Jennifer: We're all booked up, Alex!
      Alex: Yeah, like she said, we are completely booked. In fact, we're overbooked. I mean, I couldn't rent you a room, even if I had one.
      Man: We're desperate and we're wealthy.
      Alex: That's my favorite combination!

    • Alex: Do you plan to stay mad at us forever?
      Steven: Yes...that is my plan.

    • Steven: Alex, parents are conditioned to accept a few few – uh – minor problems when they leave their children alone...spilled milk on the floor, a broken dish. There was a kangaroo in my living room.
      Alex: It was just here for the party, dad.
      Steven: Then I guess I'm overreacting.

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