Family Ties

Season 7 Episode 25

Alex Doesn't Live Here Anymore (1)

Aired Unknown May 14, 1989 on NBC

Episode Recap

As Steven helps Andy rehearse for his school play on dental hygiene, Alex bursts into the Keaton kitchen with a rousing chorus of "New York, New York", and the news that he's been hired by one of Wall Street's biggest investment firms. The family is thrilled, but Elyse is somewhat taken aback when she learns that Alex is expected to move immediately.

While everyone pitches in to help Alex get ready, Elyse becomes miffed over a family photo that he packed without her permission and a palpable tension begins to develop. In the course of packing, Alex battles wits with Jennifer, accepts fashion tips from Mallory, receives fatherly advice from Steven and shares some final moments with Nick, Skippy and Lauren. All the while, Elyse continues to withdraw from him.

She becomes even more upset when the family plans to go out to dinner together and Alex begs off, claiming he is just too busy to spare the time. Elyse finally explodes, accusing Alex of being arrogant, self-centered and ungrateful. Stunned by her outburst, Alex angrily defends himself, hurt by what he feels is her singular lack of support and understanding.