Family Ties

Season 7 Episode 26

Alex Doesn't Live Here Anymore (2)

Aired Unknown May 14, 1989 on NBC

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  • As the time of Alex's departure grows nearer, he is so thrilled that he fails to notice the effect this whole thing is having on his mother.

    In this final ever episode of "Family Ties", we see several people come to say their goodybes to Alex, including his good friend, Skippy, (Mark Price) and his ex girlfriend, Lauren. (Courtney Cox). The family also talk about times from the past and spend time with Alex individually, doing their best to show him how much they love him and how much he will be missed.

    There are several touching moments as these talks take place and the audience begin to realise, as do the Keatons, that this is really the end and the first bird is about to fly from the nest.

    It is Alex's idea to keep everything as normal and civilized as possible as he doesn't want any major emotional scenes on the morning of his departure. When that time comes, it is handshakes all round and Alex walks out the door to begin his life on Wall Street. Within seconds, he has re-entered the Keaton's kitchen and is saying tearful farewells to all those he loves.

    Cutting to a final curtain call, Michael Gross and Meredith Baxter Birney lead out a highly emotional cast to say a last goodbye in front of the live audience. Everyone is in tears and, it seems, a little dazed, not really being able to grasp that the show is finally over.

    "Family Ties" was a superb program, with some truly hilarious, brilliantly acted and often thought-provoking episodes. The career of Michael J. Fox syrocketed during its run and made him one of the most popular young actors of his generation and anybody who regularly watched the show and saw his consumate skill would never wonder why.