Family Ties

Season 6 Episode 16

Anniversary Waltz

Aired Unknown Dec 16, 1987 on NBC

Episode Recap

When Steven begins to wax overly paternal, Alex jumps in to quickly remind him of the many occasions Steven and Elyse have turned to the kids for help. He remembers the time Steven became very jealous of a former boyfriend of Elyse´s and it was up to Alex to give his dad some good advice.

While plans are in full swing for the Keaton´s 20th anniversary party, Steven and Elyse are fighting and it looks like they may not make it that far.

Elyse wants to have a big party to celebrate the Keaton´s 20th anniversary and Steven reluctantly agrees. Steven's enthusiasm for the affair diminishes even further as Elyse's guest list expands and the domestic problems begin to stack up, the happy couple are at each other's throats. But the kids decide they'd better do something if they want their parents to stay together.