Family Ties

Season 7 Episode 2

Designing Woman

Aired Unknown Nov 06, 1988 on NBC

Episode Recap

Mallory´s enthusiasm for her job at a prestigious fashion firm quickly fades when she discovers that her design ideas are being stolen by another employee.

Mallory is thrilled when she earns an apprenticeship at David Campbell Fashions, a top-notch fashion design house in Ohio. Before starting her new job, Mallory discusses what her duties will be with the firm's star designer, Jamie Carter. When Mallory timidly asks whether the designs she's done for school will ever be made into David Campbell fashions, Jamie reacts somewhat coolly.

Although Jamie seems pleased by Mallory's designs, she explains that the apprentice still has a lot to learn. Eager to succeed, Mallory throws herself into her work. Before long, however, Mallory is stunned when she discovers that Jamie has stolen her design ideas and pitched them to David Campbell as her own. What's more, Campbell likes Jamie's designs so much, he plans to feature them in his upcoming fashion show.

Feeling completely disillusioned, Mallory decides not to tell David Campbell the truth, but confront Jamie privately. Jamie finally confesses her insecurity about her own talents and says that Mallory's work reminds her of what she was once capable of doing.

As the fashion show ends, Jamie has a change of heart and tries to tell David the truth, but Mallory interrupts and covers for her. Though the other Keatons are perplexed that she hasn't sought revenge, they admire and support Mallory's compassion. Equally impressed by Mallory's gesture, Jamie ultimately decides that she must give credit where credit is due.