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Which one is the Christmas Carol episode?

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    I'm certain I remember an episode where Alex was acting very Scrooge-like, and he was visited by 3 ghosts (played by members of the family) who showed him his past, present and future. I particularly recall Alex making some kind of sarcastic in-joke, since one of the ghosts was obviously Mallory/Justine Bateman.

    But I scanned the list of episodes and I can't seem to find a synopsis for that one. Can someone please help me? Thanks!

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    That's episode 31 "A Keaton Christmas Carol" and it does have a synopsis, although not much of one. Alex actually has two spirits visit him, Christmas past and Christmas future. It's kinda funny, in the future, Mallory is pregnant and her husband is dead, I think, Jennifer drives a wheelbarrow for a living and Elyse does laundry for money because Alex has taken all they have and almost forclosed on their house, took most of their furniture and everything else. Jennifer has a scratchy-sounding voice, I think she got pneumonia from driving th wheelbarrow. That wheelbarrow is their only means of transportation, Alex sold their cars, and Alex crashes into the wheelbarrow, totalling it, on his way home for Christmas. they also have a pathetic tree. Alex has everything. .. of course, except hair. .. he was bald!

    But, as long as they're together. ..

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