Family Ties

Season 2 Episode 12

Go Tigers

Aired Unknown Jan 12, 1984 on NBC

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  • “Beat Yale!” Alex has a chance to get into Princeton; his interview, however, may not go as planned, when his sister Mallory interrupts with startling personal news of her own.

    Funny and moving show in which Alex goes to Princeton to meet with the admissions office. On paper he looks like a shoo-in, exactly the reserved and erudite type the system normally welcomes.

    Then along comes his sister to wreck his plans. It seems Mallory's boyfriend Jeff, who is a current student at Princeton, was caught in flagrante delicto in some not-so-honorable extracurricular activities; devastated, Mallory runs off to plead with her sibling for help.

    You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Alex is torn between his desire to get into the best school and start his path to success, versus the need to help his family.

    Surprise: he’s not as shallow as you think…

    The script is touching and hilarious. Justine Bateman is excellent as the bewildered but sweet Mallory and Michael Fox gets to show that his character really does have a good heart.