Family Ties

Season 7 Episode 1

It Happened One Night

Aired Unknown Oct 30, 1988 on NBC

Episode Recap

A family camping trip turns into a comedy of errors.

While the Keaton kids and Lauren argue about politics, Steven and Elyse decide it's time to get away from such serious concerns. They eagerly suggest that the whole family go on a camping trip, like they used to do. The kids don't share their parents' enthusiasm, however, and quickly come up with reasons why they can't go. As a result, little Andy is the only Keaton willing to go along with Steven and Elyse.

When their parents leave for the campground with Andy, the older kids try not to feel guilty for disappointing them. At first, they all agree that they don't feel the urge for the great outdoors that they did in the old days, but soon remember that camping with the family was always a lot of fun. Before long, they decide to drive up and surprise Steven, Elyse and Andy at the campsite.

With Nick in tow, Mallory, Alex and Jennifer pack up their sleeping bags and take off. Unfortunately, their good intentions are dashed when the car dies on them while traveling on a deserted stretch of road. But as fate would have it, Steven, Elyse and Andy suddenly appear on the road, having decided that camping is no fun without the whole family. Back at home, the Keatons build a campfire in the living room fireplace and reflect that it doesn't take a camping trip to remember how close they really are.
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