Family Ties

Season 1 Episode 16

Margin of Error

Aired Unknown Feb 09, 1983 on NBC

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  • One of my favorite episodes!

    An episode where Alex does something way too extreme even for him! He's going so great where he's up to receiving $10,800 but then after a mishap, ends up owing $2,700! Since he's good friends with the broker he wonders if maybe he could get Mr. Matthews to extend the deadline but before he can ask for the favor, an elderly woman tells Mr. Matthews that because they've gotten burned, they'll lose everything they have and ask if Mr. Matthews can help and he just smiles and says, "Sorry" and adds, "Say hi to Alex can't believe it, Mr. Matthews won't help out his own parents when their bankrupt?! If he won't help a bankrupt relative, there's no way he's going to extend a margin deadline for a friend. I like how Steven and Elyse blow up at Alex for pretending he was Steven and then made a mess of everything. Steven should've said, "Alex, if you were a stranger, I would have you arrested!" So they decide they're not going to lose their AT&T stock so they'll have to give Mr. Matthews the $2,700. He tells Elyse to get a check over to Mr. Mathews while goes to the bank to cover the check with savings. Steven should've also said to Elyse, "And after you give Mr. Matthews the check, tell him to close the account back Alex might have started giving an objection to that but Steven and Elyse would glare at him and he'd shut up. Alex brought Jennifer to the firm hoping to get sympathy from Mr. Matthews but it turns out Mr. Matthews hates kids. I don't know if Philip Charles MacKenzie(Mr. Matthews) hates kids in real-life but he doesn't have any kids in real-life.
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