Family Ties

Season 7 Episode 24

Mr. Keaton Takes a Vacation

Aired Unknown May 07, 1989 on NBC

Episode Recap

While Elyse struggles to do the family taxes and Steven buries himself in his Tolstoy documentary, Mallory asks her parents if Nick can stay with the Keatons for a week while his house is being painted. Although Elyse gives in to Mallory's pleas, she warns her that Nick must be made to understand that Steven is very busy and should stay out of his way.

During the first night of Nick's stay, protective papa Steven parks himself in a chair on the stair landing to prevent any hanky-panky between the couple. When Mallory wakes Nick up early the next morning to cook breakfast for the whole family, Steven arises with a start and runs into the kitchen, demanding an explanation for their whispers and giggling. When they explain that they're discussing breakfast, Steven becomes embarrassed and pretends to be sleepwalking.

Later that morning, when the rest of the family departs for school and work, Steven is left alone in the house with Nick. Tensions rise between them when Nick, in a misguided attempt to be helpful, continually interrupts Steven's work. Things soon deteriorate to the point where Nick confronts Steven directly, claiming that he's never been given a chance to prove himself. With that, Nick stalks off to a hotel. It is only after Elyse and Mallory force Steven to look at his overprotective actions that he is able to experience a change of heart about Nick.