Family Ties

Season 4 Episode 24

Paper Chase (a.k.a.) Mallory's Graduation

Aired Unknown May 08, 1986 on NBC

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  • Very inspirational episode

    This episode is one of my favorites. It shows that Mallory is intelligent when she applies herself. This episode also shows that when students slack off, it eventually catches up to them.

    I went to a high school that had a lot of students that had been there longer than they should have or had no chance of ever graduating because they weren't taking things seriously. Many of those students were the kind who do great in gym but horrible in everything else. Students have to understand that doing well in gym, won't get you far in life.

    Mallory said that she can't do it because she's just not smart but Elyse says that Mallory is smart, she just doesn't apply herself. That is true. Students who say they're just stupid are students who don't want to try. A lot of students ARE smart, the problem is when it comes to school work, they just don't apply themselves. If they did apply themselves, they'd realize they're a lot smarter than they think.