Family Ties

Season 4 Episode 24

Paper Chase (a.k.a.) Mallory's Graduation

Aired Unknown May 08, 1986 on NBC



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    • Mallory: (to Steven and Elyse) Okay, I'm failing history. Unless I get a "B" on my final, which is not likely, I'm not gonna graduate.
      Elyse: Not graduate?
      Steven: Why is this the first we're hearing of this?
      Mallory: I didn't mention it before?
      Steven: No.

    • Mallory: I'm in real trouble, Alex. I may not graduate.
      Alex: Why not?
      Mallory: Well, for one thing, I'm flunking Mrs. Hillman's history class.
      Alex: Oh, Mal. Is it hopeless? I mean, are you flunking badly?
      Mallory: No, I'm flunking very well. There's still hope, though. I think on the last test, I may have pulled a "D".
      Alex: Mal, how could you let this happen?
      Mallory: I don't know. It's spring and the weather's been great. I've had a hard time concentrating.
      Alex: Mallory, people don't stop thinking when the sun comes out. Thomas Jefferson wrote The Declaration of Independence in July... when all the other founding fathers were at the beach.
      Mallory: Thomas Jefferson wrote The Declaration of Independence?
      Alex: Yes.
      Mallory: There goes my "D".

    • Jennifer: I think you should tell them, Mal.
      Mallory: Oh, I can't, Jennifer. If I tell them I'm not graduating, they'll kill me.
      Alex: Look, Mallory, Mom and Dad are gonna be at the graduation. Now if you're not there, they're gonna realize something's up.
      Mallory: I can't believe I'm not graduating. You said this all along, Alex. You said I wouldn't graduate and I'm not.
      Alex: Mallory, when I said you weren't gonna graduate, it wasn't a dare.

    • Alex: Mallory, I warned you about this at the beginning of the year. Mrs. Hillman is a very tough teacher. I know, I had her.
      Mallory: Yeah? What'd she give you?
      Alex: An A+. But she said I had a bad attitude.

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