Family Ties

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Unknown Sep 22, 1982 on NBC
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Alex lands a dream date, but it requires attending a restricted club.

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    Cindy Fisher

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (7)

      • Steven enters a private country club wearing a flannel shirt and a baseball jacket, and walks right over to Alex's table. It seems highly unlikely that such an exclusive venue would allow him full access, especially as a non-member, dressed in such a way.

      • Steven reveals in this episode that the family car is a Volvo.

      • The song Steven has playing in the living room is a protest song called "Days of Decision" by folk singer Phil Ochs.

      • Elyse suggested to Steven that a romantic evening would include Johnny Mathis records. Johnny Mathis occasionally sings the Theme Song with Deniese Williams.

      • At the Carlton Country Club, a waiter offers Steven an hors d'oeurve called "rumaki," and Steven requests some without liver. Essential ingredients of rumaki include water chestnuts and chicken liver, wrapped in bacon.

      • During the father-son reconciliation scene, Steven compares his unusual relationship with Alex to the relationship he had with his own father, Jake. Grandfather Jake will be introduced and featured in Episode #5, I Never Killed for My Father.

      • In this episode we learn that Jennifer is 9 years old, Alex is 17 years old.

    • QUOTES (5)

      • Steven (about Alex): I haven't seen him this excited since Reagan got elected.

      • Steven (to Elyse): Do you think maybe he was switched at birth and the Rockefellers have our kid?

      • Elyse: Alex, maybe you're getting a little carried away here. I mean, if Kimberly doesn't like you or your family for who they are, then maybe she isn't worth caring about at all, don't you think?
        Alex: Are you going to wear your hair like that, or are you going to put it up?

      • Mallory: (witnessing her parents kissing in the kitchen) You guys have been married for a long time. Haven't you had enough?

      • Alex: How do I look?
        Steven: Middle-aged.
        Alex: Dad, recent studies show, that you can predict success by the way a person dresses.
        Steven: Alex, you're a young man. You shouldn't be worried about success. You should be thinking about hopping on a steam trainer, and going around the world, or putting a pack on your back and heading down to Mexico, South America, or anywhere.
        Alex: The 1960's are over Dad.
        Steven: Thanks for the tip.

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