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    This is not a review - it's a personal testament. If you want a review, read someone else's. The show speaks for itself.

    As I also am a political conservative in a liberal climate, as I also am an over-achiever who had little interest in frivolity, I found Michael J. Fox's portrayal of Alex P. Keaton to be the closest thing to a character mirror I have seen on any TV show ever.

    As I also am a Parkinson's patient, I simply cannot watch an episode of Family Ties without perceiving that I myself am part of the cast.

    As an added note, I think it's touching that Fox actually married his Ellen-Reed girlfriend character.

    I prefer that APK not be cast as so money-indulgent - contrary to popular stereotype, economic conservatives simply don't think like that. I would prefer that Justine Bateman and Scott Valentine not be cast as such ditzes, but some of the comedy their characters produced was great.

    The contrast of Alex, against the more normally motivated and more liberal, but equally smart Jennifer was striking.

    And the entire show was an inspiration of a coherent family unit - something we need much more of on TV.
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