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  • 'Family Ties' is great and even though I haven't seen that many episodes, I still rank it among my top ten favorite TV shows.

    This was the ultimate show of the 1980's when it ran for several seasons on NBC-TV(from 1982-1989). What more could you expect for one of the best hippiest/political families of that era which was mixed in which started in the middle of the Reagan era,and with the series ending at the beginning of the Bush administration. Besides,it was part "All In The Family" without the bigotry or the downside of it. In all one great series.

    The series when it aired sprunged two made for TV movies and also one of the most intense final episodes ever aired(the death of Steven Keaton) when the show ended its run in the spring of 1989. Here you have Michael Gross(as Steven Keaton) Meredith Baxter-Birney (as Elsie Keaton) and there three adorable children, the design shopping boy hungry Mallory (Justine Bateman), the baby girl of the family who wanted to go her own way but wanted to grow up and be a kid Tina (played by Tina Yothers), and the political and conservative son Alex(played by Michael J. Fox) who was a Republican and was a fan of both Presidents Reagan and Nixon.

    This sitcom became the launching pod for Micheal J. Fox, who during this series had several hit feature films that were box-office giants (the "Back To The Future" series and the films "Teen Wolf" and "The Secret Of My Success.

    The show's theme song,"What About Us",was done by legendary musical artists Johnny Mathis and Deniece Willams which was a top 10 hit on Billboard's charts during the 80's.