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NBC (ended 1989)





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  • An awesome show

    I loved the politics of Alex contrasted with those of his parents - a constant thread throughout the show, tempered only by Mallory's simple, "Have a nice day" philosophy. She was the only family member who ever had a chance of voting for a third party candidate! Sometimes wisdom comes from the most interesting of places. On Thursday nights at 8:30 PM sharp we got the typical Hegelian treatment with Marxist philosophy from Mom and Dad and Good Ol' Boy Limbaughesque rugged individual flag waving from Alex; and then Mallory saved the day with her candor and simple desire to chat about clothes, shoes, shopping and Nick. It was a fun show. Jennifer was the baby at first, but a cute addition nonetheless. Somebody had to put chocolate chips in the scrambled eggs! The little boy was a good touch, extending the life of the show by providing amo for Fox's character's political humor.

    I loved it when Alex told his dad to join the eighties, and then thought about it more and said more emphatically, "Join the seventies!"

    One night a week Americans got to sit in front of their TV's and take our two-party system a little less seriously. It's never too late to do that, so bring on the DVD's!