Family Ties

NBC (ended 1989)





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  • Actually, a wonderful show.

    "Family Ties" was my brother's favorite show while he was growing up. He would go off and play while "The Cosby Show" was on, but come running at 8:30 to watch Michael J. Fox & company. He never missed an episode.

    I am writing this instead of him because he suffered from severe depression, and committed suicide. "Family Ties" and MJF were some of the few things that brightened up his otherwise dark life. (Side note: "Back to the Future", which I took my brother to see for his 13th birthday, was the ONLY movie to ever make him laugh out loud, and for that I will forever thank Robert Zemeckis and MJF.)

    The show was different from anything else on TV at the time or since. The chemistry between the stars was wonderful; the writing was spot-on. I still enjoy watching any reruns that are aired. My favorite episode will always be "A, My Name is Alex".