Family Ties

NBC (ended 1989)





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  • definitely gonna watch this show all over again!

    Family Ties' is a wonderful show and it's one my top three favorite TV shows of all time. The whole actors and crew are great! Very good script and it's pretty hilarious and truly enjoyable in the half hour of air time. The story is fast moving and very entertaining. Eventhough it's almost more than 2 decades old, it can still be classified as one of the best comedy show aired in the television history. I remember I purchased a copy at . Thought I got scammed because it was exactly 2 weeks and my order didn't arrived. Well, the company showed honesty and said that my product was mishandled. They still delivered that product and I was happy to see that the package came in excellent condition. The quality is superlative. Now I enjoy watching Michael J Fox again! Lol Each episode of this show turned out to be great because of the good comedy! Simply love it!