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NBC (ended 1989)





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  • Ahead of its time

    I was watching it again through online streaming this past two weeks having a bit of Marathon, I watched it back in Indonesia in 1985 when it aired there but only started watching them from season 2 onwards at the time (coz I only knew Steven with the beard haha) anyways when I finally caught up with season 1, I though that the show was even better in the first season, it dealt with heavy materials that at the time maybe was "taboo" , political, sex, emancipation, alcoholism, corporate greed etc and those stuff that back then was not normally aired on public TV, and the materials that was being showcased still resonates to this decade . At the time when I watched it though I was 8 years old at the time I only knew the show as a family show. Now re-watching it I realized that the show was so much more than that and made me love this show even more. I hope that they would air this show on prime-time re-runs so that the today's generation could learn a lot because like I said Family Ties was ahead of its times