Family Ties

Season 6 Episode 6

Super Mom

Aired Unknown Oct 18, 1987 on NBC

Episode Recap

As Elyse wraps up a major project for her firm, she realizes that her busy architectural career is causing her to neglect her family, especially Andy. Although Elyse feels terrible about not devoting more time with Steven and the kids, she doesn't want to give up her rewarding position at the firm.

Just when she expects a breather, Elyse's boss dumps a prestigious project into her lap. Inspired by the challenge, she accepts the enormous job, despite initial misgivings. Later that afternoon, when a teacher calls to tell Elyse that no one has come to pick Andy up from school, Super Mom begins to feel like a failure, unable to juggle her private and professional demands.

Though Steven remains supportive and understanding, the kids exert pressure on Elyse to quit and she is ridden with guilt. The next time Steven picks up Andy from school, he drops him off at Elyse's office to spend the afternoon. But a tired and cranky Andy ends up asking Elyse's boss to fire her so she can be at home.

Discussing the incident with her family that night, Elyse recalls the advice of her own devoted mother, who urged her to have it all. In the end, she and Steven agree to hang in there, as they attempt to prevent "having it all" from including a nervous breakdown.
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