Family Ties

Season 6 Episode 25

The Boys Next Door

Aired Unknown Mar 06, 1988 on NBC

Episode Recap

As Elyse prepares for her high school reunion, she is contacted by her old buddy, Roger "Eggy" Erdman, a klutzy class nerd turned millionaire. Never a romantic couple, Elyse and Eggy made a bizarre team even as friends, since Elyse was the most popular girl in class. She explains to the family that Roger needed someone to keep the bullies away and to save him from his own clumsiness.

Like an older version of Skippy, the ungainly Roger comes over for a visit. While Alex is enamored with Eggy´s wealth, Roger is still clearly in love with Elyse, who always helped him stand up for himself. Steven, who would do anything to avoid attending Elyse's reunion, urges Roger to take her. Roger wants to resurrect the "Doo-Wop Twins" number they used to do in school, but when Elyse refuses, saying that those days are over, a hurt Roger rushes out.

Reluctantly, Steven ends up accompanying Elyse and Roger to the reunion, where he is immediately mistaken for Danny Wasserman, the class clown. Roger's wealth is common knowledge, making him the hit of the reunion, especially with those who used to torture him. And when the emcee calls up the "Doo-Wop Twins" to sing "Splash, Splash" again, Elyse happily realizes Roger's lasting gift to her, the ability to laugh at herself.
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