Family Ties

Season 1 Episode 15

The Fugitive (2)

Aired Unknown Jan 26, 1983 on NBC

Episode Recap

The whole Keaton family is rethinking the wisdom of having lied to the FBI. Steven and Elyse believe they did the wrong thing. Mallory thinks that Elyse was only protecting her brother. But she cautions that Alex should not expect the same courtesy. Jennifer takes comfort that she had crossed her fingers. Alex had nothing meaningful to add. And Ned walks in, ready to come clean.

The girls are dismissed to bed, but Alex is permitted to stay and listen. Ned confesses to stealing the $4.5 million. He didn't steal it for himself; he hid the money in a computer file with an access code that he was not disclosing. This would stop Syntram Corporation from acquiring Hemsdale, and prevent 1800 workers from unemployment. Elyse and Steven are indignant, for stealing is stealing, no matter where the money was hid.

Ned attempts to draw a parallel between his protest, and the protests that Steven and Elyse routinely participated in. Steven attempts to draw the line at illegal activity, but Ned reminds him that the protests crossed that line as well. The biggest discernable difference is that protests are fashionable, but Ned's form of protest is not. Ned agrees to leave by the next morning.

Alex might have been hit the hardest. He had always respected his Uncle Ned, and now that image of him was shattered. While Alex agrees that the deal Ned tried to forestall was shady, he saw the deal as in-bounds. He is positive there were other ways to avoid the lay-offs, though he has no real ideas how. Together, Alex and Ned engage in an imagery scene that cleverly portrays each aspect of the deal, until the end result is that Ned had poured himself a bowl of cereal, topped with bananas.

In the middle of the night, Elyse cannot sleep. She wakes up Steven to recommend that they reconsider letting Ned stay with them. She begins to understand Ned's point that Ned had acted out of protest for what he thought was right. She recalled a similar incident of him stealing as a child where she was able to assist him: he had stolen Joey leGrande's baseball mitt. Steven sees a big difference between a baseball mitt and $4.5 million. He and Elyse argue over whether to let Ned stay. Mrs. Obeck next door has overheard the argument, and calls to offer her perspective. She sides with Elyse.

As Steven and Elyse prepare to return to bed, Mallory and Jennifer come into the room. Ned has left, and the car is missing. Alex isn't in bed either.

Alex drove Ned to the airport. Ned wants Alex to go home, but Alex wants to stay. Ned advises Alex to act inconspicuously, but he panics when a passer-by calls out to someone else who happens to be named Ned. Ned takes a seat, and Alex goes to get Ned a ticket. Alex gets stumped by questions such as "Where are you going?" and "What is your name?" He settles on Alfredo Gomez headed to Seattle. And FBI agent Bert Carlyle appears. Carlyle had followed Alex and Ned from the house, and was ready to arrest Ned. But Ned had disappeared, and Carlyle arrested a nun who was sitting where Ned had vacated.

Alex and Ned return home, but Steven doesn't know that. Carlyle is back in the Keaton house, this time with Rob Peterson, Ned's former boss with him. Ned bolts out the back door. Steven apologizes to Carlyle for having lied the day before, but he is truthful in not knowing where Ned is now. And Ned walks in. For, he had injured himself tripping over Jennifer's baseball glove.

Ned turns himself in. Peterson offers to reduce the charges for an apology and the access code. Ned ignores the part of the apology, but refuses to disclose the access code. Advised that the computer could crack it anyway, Ned remind Peterson that it would take almost nine years. Peterson leaves disgusted. Rob says his farewells to the Keatons before leaving with Carlyle.
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