Family Ties

Season 6 Episode 1

The Last of the Red Hot Psychologists (1)

Aired Unknown Sep 13, 1987 on NBC

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  • This is a very pivotal episode.

    Alex answers an ad placed in his college newspaper looking for participants of a research study about overachievers. When he gets there, he meets a budding psycology student named Lauren (Courtney Cox Arquette). However, things do not go as planned when both Lauren and Alex get into a heated discussion about the assumptions each has made about the other. It doesn't take long before they get into an argument where Alex gets frustrated and storms out. At home he realizes that no one has ever gotten on his nerves since Ellen. He also realizes his attraction for Lauren. When Alex goes to see Lauren again, they get into another heated argument and at the end of this episode, Alex kisses Lauren.

    This is the first episode featuring Lauren. I'm glad that the show decided to give Alex another girlfriend. Lauren allows him to be more grounded and puts his focus on something other than his obession with money. I believe that the two actors worked well together and made the relationship realistic for both Lauren and Alex. This is also the first time I was able to see Courtney's work. I really believe she is a wonderful actress.