Family Ties

Season 4 Episode 1

The Real Thing (1)

Aired Unknown Sep 26, 1985 on NBC



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    • Steven: Well, Alex, I have to give you credit. You got that book, picked out the girl you wanted, sought her out, and now you're a happy couple. You took all the surprise and romance you of love, and reduced it to what it should be: An exact science.
      Alex: Well it's not quite as exact as I hoped it would be, Dad.
      Steven: What do you mean?
      Alex: Well, here I am, I'm with Tricia. She's everything I wanted in a girl. She's beautiful, she's fun-loving, she's vivacious. And if I have to spend another minute with her, I'm going to strangle both of us.

    • Alex: Do you know that [Ellen] had the nerve to accuse me of going over there just to hit on Tricia.
      Elyse: Well isn't that why you went over?
      Alex: So what?

    • Steven: The Leland College Freshman Directory….
      Elyse: You [Alex] met seven different freshman girls your first day of school?
      Alex: Well, I haven't actually met any of them yet, Mom. I just thought it would be more efficient to go through the book, pick one I like, seek her out, and fall in love.
      Elyse: Wouldn't it be easier just to order a few, try them out, and then send back the ones you don't like?
      Alex: You're a natural at this.

    • Alex: That could be a real painting.
      Ellen: It is a real painting.

    • (Jennifer is holding 9-month-old Andy. Steven enters, holding a child's book.)
      Steven: Oh, there he is. Andy, how about a quick story before I go to work?
      Jennifer:Uh, Dad, he's all booked up right now. But maybe Mom can read to you.
      Steven: It's not the same.

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  • Allusions

    • The title alludes to the slogan for Coca-Cola soft drink from 1969-70.

    • The scene where Ellen's bookshelf falls is a possible allusion to the quarantine scene in The Parent Trap. In both scenes, two people who are hostile to each other find themselves alone and together; in both scenes, there is a natural mini-disaster involving the wall of the room they are alone in; in both scenes, the unaffected party steps forward to assist; and in both scenes, resolving the disaster together resulted in converting the former hostility into a bond.