Family Ties

Season 7 Episode 19

They Can't Take That Away From Me (1)

Aired Unknown Apr 02, 1989 on NBC

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  • A tiny little self-enclosed series all it's own where Alex meets a girl who's way cooler than he deserves, and he blows it.

    You know how everyone who likes FAMILY TIES cites "A, My Name is Alex" as their favorite episode?

    Forget it-- I can't tell you if "They Can't Take That Away From Me" is the best, but it's my favorite episode (double episode, actually). I saw this ep recently and literally kept thinking about it for days, which was just bizarre, thinking about an imaginary love story about an imaginary, flaky woman, Jane Adams' Marty.

    The deal here is that Alex's girlfriend Lauren goes out of town, leaving Alex to, in the course of a week, meet and fall crushingly in love with a klutzy musician who joins him in nights of economics tutoring and Gershwin. It's like the show, in its seventh season, just said, "ah, what the heck, let's just do a one-off."

    Except it's not a one-off, because Lauren can't stay out of town forever.