Family Ties

Season 7 Episode 20

They Can't Take That Away From Me (2)

Aired Unknown Apr 09, 1989 on NBC

Episode Recap

When Lauren returns from her psychology conference, she notices that Alex is acting distant and distracted. After an uncomfortable silence, Alex admits that he has become interested in another woman and needs time to sort out his feelings, a revelation that leaves Lauren angry and confused.

Things become even more awkward the next day when Alex accidentally runs into Lauren and Marty in the school cafeteria. After an embarrassing confrontation, both women leave the dining room in a huff. Alex returns home to work on his valedictory address for graduation, but remains preoccupied with how he's going to work his way out of his love triangle. Conjuring up the images of Freud, Sartre and Shakespeare, he calls upon the great minds for advice in matters of love.

Ultimately, when Alex realizes that his immediate plans cannot include either Marty or Lauren, he approaches both women individually. Before Alex is able to say a word, Marty reads his mind and does the breaking up for him. And Lauren, refusing to compete for Alex's affections, also beats him to the punch. On graduation day, he is comforted by Elyse and Mallory as he says goodbye to one chapter in his life and looks toward an exciting, if uncertain, future in New York.
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