Family Ties

Season 2 Episode 4

This Year's Model

Aired Unknown Oct 26, 1983 on NBC

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  • Mallory has a hissy-fit and acts like a cranky toddler.

    Mallory secretly submits a photo of herself and of Elyse to a modeling contest, and is overcome when they actually win. To her chagrin, Elyse wants nothing to do with modeling, and is mortified that Mallory went behind her back to enter the contest, as well as her "autobiography." However, at Steven's behest, Elyse agrees to do the shoot. To everyone's surprise, including her own, Elyse is a natural, whereas Mallory's lack of modeling talent eventually gets her removed from the shoot.
    As more agencies see Elyse's photographs in the local supplement, she has an offer to do a commercial. The shoot takes place in the kitchen, and while Elyse does a fantastic job, Mallory keeps deliberately getting in the way, interrupting the filming, and generally behaving like a brat.
    This episode turned me off because Mallory acted the part of such a selfish, bratty baby. Instead of being happy for her mom's good fortune, she became jealous. Instead of being proud of her mother's success, she immediately turned bitter. Her antics on the set were like those of a ME-oriented pre-school child, and I wished that her mother would have landed her one across the jaw and told her to go to her room until the filming was over.
    I really didn't care for this episode because usually I find Mallory's character very affable, despite her dimwittedness. Here, however, she made herself detestable; it hit home further because it reminded me so much of the reality of our generation's youth. Many of them have this same egocentric mentality, making themselves and everyone around them miserable.
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