Family Ties

Season 2 Episode 10

To Snatch a Keith

Aired Unknown Dec 21, 1983 on NBC

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  • This episode could have been made more fitting with reality.

    I have designated Family Ties to be my favorite TV show of all time, for reasons noted in my Show review. I am fascinated by the way the show deals with ordinary family situations, and makes family conflict appear solvable. To Snatch a Keith overlooked one not-so-minor detail.

    When Cynthia proposes to move herself and her minor son Keith from Ohio to San Diego, Steven suggests to Richard, Keith's non-custodial father, that he attempt to block the move in court. Richard replies that it would be expensive and futile: "Unless she shows up naked and drooling in court, the mother always wins custody."

    While his assessment of the custody matter may be accurate - or was accurate at the time, family courts are usually reluctant to allow a custodial parent the right to relocate a minor child away from the other parent. The three commonly acceptable reasons to relocate are 1) remarriage, 2) medical necessity, and 3) a unique job opportunity.

    As Cynthia's stated purpose to move was to get away from her ex-husband, the planned move should have been evaluated more critically than it was. It would have been easy enough for the writers to insert a San Diego-based fiance for Cynthia.