Family Ties

Season 7 Episode 23

Wrap Around the Clock (2)

Aired Unknown Apr 23, 1989 on NBC

Episode Recap

Although Andy protests that his time capsule has too many items in it, Alex continues to add things from his personal archives, including his collection of report cards from nursery school to first grade.

Munching on popcorn as they reflect on their lives, the Keatons continue to share memories of Andy's first day at school, Steven's terrible magic tricks, Nick's reunion with his long-lost father and Nick and Mallory's aborted elopement.

Even after Andy falls asleep and goes to bed, the family remembers the time Alex and Lauren met, and also when the girl of Skippy's dreams fell for Alex instead. Filled with warm memories of times past, Elyse persuades the entire gang to join her in a sing along.
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