Family Tools

Wednesday 8:30 PM on ABC Premiered May 01, 2013 In Season


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  • It's funny.

    It has slapstick, and it has witty banter. It's just funny, and TV is severely lacking in good comedies, these days. I also think it's pretty funny that a previous reviewer based his entire score for the show on one scene with a woman licking doughnuts.
  • I like it

    Ok maybe not the best sitcom ever but definitely watchable and even with a little potential. Is it a little predictable yes, is not all of it funny yes but the cast is good and I really enjoyed watching it so far. But it already got canceled after 3 episodes so this is the next show with only one season.
  • Now You See Me was awful

    The scene with the woman licking the donuts was disgusting. I'll never watch again.

    I hope the show gets a quick deserves it.

    Don't delete the word cancellation!

  • Promising

    Critics are so quirky. A conventional predictable sitcom like Ben and Kate comes along and they rave about it. Then another conventional, predictable, but far more likable sitcom like Family Tools comes along and they excoriate it. That's why I check out everything, regardless of the reviews, and I'm glad I do, because this is a really cute show. I was a little dubious as it began, but the first episode won me over, and the second episode's sequence on tool belt invisibility was quite clever and funny and gave me hope that this is going to be a really fun little series.
  • White van man

    very similar to white van man in UK still good so far
  • Good writing. Strong cast. nice premise.

    Worth watching, pretty good show all around. I'm really pleased with the cast, personally. I'm not sure how long the premise can be carried out, but with such a good cast it may not be necessary to focus upon it.